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Your chosen page on Hiive will appear amongst the latest articles in the Talent, Swarms or Companies page for the duration of your sponsorship.

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Your chosen page on Hiive will remain on rotation in the "Editor's Pick" sections in the Swarms or Companies page for the duration of your sponsorship.

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Newsletter feature

At the start of the year, launched a subscription newsletter. It has proven to be very popular among the Hiive community and has built up a subscription base of over 20,000 with an average open rate of 40%.

We offer one piece of sponsored content per newsletter that can come in the form of an article, event promotion, vacancy promotion, course promotion or business promotion.

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One of the most popular pages on Hiive is the Knowledge page which hosts a vast resource of insightful content, podcasts and events on the creative industries.

Your chosen piece will be featured in our featured banner at the top of the page. You will have the ability to add in video, image, text and links to your featured piece.

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Social media promotion

We have over 13,000 social media followers and can utilise our social channels to amplify your message through the following:
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Twitter @wearehiive
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List your competition to our database to ensure you get the best quality applicants. You can house the application form with us where you have the option to longlist and shortlist applicants in an easy-to-use system. Promotion via social channels is included in the admin fee.

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For more information about sponsored content on Hiive, please email

As we're in our first year, we're actively looking for sponsors and partners going forward, with additional options for sponsorship coming soon, including sponsoring industry specific pages on Hiive and sponsored posts to the Hiive community. Longer durations and more specialised or targeted sponsorship can be discussed to meet the needs of your campaign.