We chat to actress Jayne Wisener who stars in our first Short of The Month 'Son of Perdition'. Jayne Wisener was born on May 19, 1987 in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. She is an actress, known for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007), Jane Eyre (2011) and Boogeyman 3 (2008).

I really loved the visual style of Son of Perdition, is this something you could capture from reading the script?

I think Matthew's visualisation and foresight enabled it to translate from script to screen in the way it did. Of course I got a flavour of the style whilst reading it but to be honest, when I first read it I was more focussed on the plot thinking....ooooo.... what is going to happen next!

What made you come onboard with this project? I imagine it can be a risk getting involved with student projects so what was it about this one that stood out?

I never thought of it as a student project. I was approached by an extremely reputable casting director (Ben Cogan) who gave me a bit of insight into Matthew's previous work. I was really excited to work with him. But I think it was the script that hooked me. I just had to be in it!

What was it like working with Matthew and how did it differ from experiences with other directors?

Working with Matthew was a great experience. He is very passionate about the industry and about his work which is a contagious energy to be around. It's perfect for when you are on set because you get even more excited about what you are doing.

If young filmmakers are hoping to involve great actresses like yourself how would you recommend they approach you?

Just pitch it like any other professional in the industry would. It is a really tough business to be in so of course there will be rejection. I'm an actress so I know all about rejection! But I also know that you have to be resilient and believe in yourself and your work.


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