Got a film about ‘faith’ you want to be screened? Then submit your film to the Insight Curation Scheme!

Insight want to provide the opportunity for all filmmakers to have their work seen by as many people as possible around the world- how lovely! Your film has to include the subject of ‘faith’ in any shape or form. This could be religious faith, faith in humanity, faith in yourself, the possibilities are endless!

On top of that, the films that meet the criteria for the awards will be automatically submitted to the next Insight Film Festival for free!


So, who is behind this snazzy deal? Insight! And they are behind some wonderful projects, including the Student Filmmaker Award, where they whisk one lucky filmmaker off to Hollywood for a six week placement.
Insight are working towards tackling the subject of ‘faith’ more in films, as it is a wondrous subject just asking for exploration!
The best films entered to the Curation Scheme will be picked by the judges, and receive a ‘commendation’. If your film is commended in this way, you will be offered a number of screening opportunities at festivals all around the world!

How to apply

All you have to do is complete the online entry form! The only condition is that your film has to engage with ‘faith’. Which is great, because it means anyone, any age, from anywhere can enter a film of any genre or duration!


Get in quick, because the deadline is 1 June 2015! Don’t worry if you miss out, because the Curation Scheme will be back open in the autumn.
After the deadline, all the films entered will be watched by expert filmmakers, film critics and academics, who will supply professional feedback.


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