We caught up with Isaac Asha for our June edition of Ones to Watch.

Can you introduce yourself and your creative work/interests?

My name is Isaac 'ICEY' Tomiczek.

I'm a writer/director. Over the last 18 months I've written and directed for film, tv and theatre.

I've also been writing reviews as a film critic.

Alongside that I represent a roster of directors for commercials, branded content and music videos.

What are you currently working on?

It's a lot.

Editing a short film I co directed with a friend who I met on a BFI/Screen Arts course (advertised on Hiive).

I have my debut feature film in active development with a producer.

We've just sent the script out to talent and are prepping to shoot a proof of concept short for it, which is actually a prequel to the feature.

I'm writing my first feature length play for a Soho Theatre Competition.

I've just completed a draft of a pilot for a sci-fi series. I pitch it as Misfits and Marvel meets The Magnificent Seven, set in Manchester.

I'm also finishing up the treatments for two web series I'm pitching to BBC3.

What are your future creative ambitions?

Writing and Directing a feature has been my ambition for as long as I can remember, and it's close.

I definitely want to direct something feature length for the stage too.

I'm keen to collaborate with a writer and develop a TV series to rival the very best.

Have a stable like JJ Abrams that pumps out quality productions.

Have something I've created on HBO and Netflix.

What advice would you give people aspiring to work in a similar creative field?

Want it more.

Everyone has talent for something.

The top tier is made up of people who really wanted it and work really hard. You have to be one of those.

Hone your craft and your strengths.

Your weaknesses will be fewer if you play to your strengths and there are people out there who can do the things you can't. That's what collaboration is about.

Be yourself. Your voice and style are unique. They're your greatest asset.

Surround yourself with people that you trust, enjoy working with and challenge you. The tighter your network, the better your work.

Enter (almost) everything. Competitions and contests are a great way to get noticed but also to build a body of work. Their deadlines help you get serious. Check places like Hiive often! They've been awesome for me.

You can catch up with Isaac Asha on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube


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