Hi there and welcome to the first of many blogs from my apprentice adventures here at Hiive.

My name is Simon and I am currently doing a LV4 Marketing Communications apprenticeship. My official job title is a 'Digital Content Apprentice' developing content in a variety of forms and engaging an audience throughout.

Further to the above, I will be able to get my hands dirty with other aspects involved with launching a tremendous project to the UK market, which will create a lasting impact on the creative industries, just as Facebook and Linkedin did socially… I hope!

But how did I get here and what's my story?

From the age of 16 I began job-hopping not really knowing what I wanted to do. I figured there was no point going to Uni and that to truly find myself, I would get myself out and into the big wide working world, getting a flavour of what was out there and (hopefully) finding my way from there. As a stranger on the bus once said to me ‘I was driving a car without the steering wheel'

Off the back of launching an event in a club in London, in the summer of 2013, it had dawned on me that job satisfaction was key. I discovered a thirst for exciting challenges and a need for creativity!

It was from here that the world of marketing began to open up to me. 'Marcomms' as they call it here, encompasses creativity, with a need to think outside the box. It brings with it excitement as the digital marketing areas such as SEO & social media are constantly evolving and with that many challenges as there is huge competition within this field.

In closing my first apprentice blog, I will be providing honest insight into my life as an apprentice as well as an account behind the scenes at Hiive and what is involved in launching a digital product to the creative industries.

If you have any questions, or would like me to touch on something then please comment below, as I appreciate your views and questions. After all, Hiive is about connecting, collaborating and growing!


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