Congratulations to the following artists who have been shortlisted for theTower Hamlets Creative Talent Fund to win £750 funding for their creative project!

Comet Chukura - A project to design a high visibility knitwear range for the fashion conscious, inner city cyclist that will have a social impact on London's local communities. The range will enable marginalised women in London to stand up for themselves as the whole collection will be individually hand crocheted by these women, providing them a supplementary income and encouraging their self confidence and self worth

Katherine Hayes - Tower Hamlets community art gallery to open in conjunction with First Thursdays in October and the visual arts season, as a community space for local artists of all backgrounds to exhibit their work. 

Jade Jackman -  The Questions we ask is a creative exchange between Tower Hamlets residents and those of a refugee camp forming an interactive multimedia exhibition, aiming to decrease fears around the crisis, immigration and remind us all of our shared humanity.

Jack Ratcliffe - The Digital Community Billboard is a public installation that allows anybody passing by to email or tweet a message, image, video or sound to a digital billboard, where it is displayed for the community to see. Messages are curated and queued, allowing members of the community to have a public, open forum of expression amongst their own streets.


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