Welcome to Hiive, the home for creatives.

Hiive is an exciting new digital venture; a place for you to share and showcase your skills, experience and expertise. Think LinkedIn, meets Behance, meets Facebook. Interact with real people from the creative industries. Get the answers you need and connect with people who can help you reach your goals. Join 'swarms' of people who share your interests.

This isn't the next job or portfolio site, this is THE professional community for the creative industries and all it needs is YOU. Whatever your dreams, whatever your talents, Hiive is the place to be.

Creatives, take your next step

Improve your skills, get new skills, swap expertise, find new ideas and share your work. Hiive loves creativity and wants to help you achieve your goals – wherever they may take you!

Businesses, grow

Connect and discover a pool of voracious, proactive talent. Get the most valuable business advice there is: the advice of others who are doing it right now. And give it, to kick-start the next generation.

Educators, step up your offering

Connect to the crowd to fill your courses. Build industry connections. Get insights. Henri Matisse said that creativity takes courage.

So, join us, meet someone and say Hi, I’ve…


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