BBC Academy Guide: Plan (part 1)

"How are you going to tell your story, then decide on the kind of kit you're going to need"

Before any shoot can take place the first thing to be developed is the plan.

There are many areas to consider when making a documentary. The plan can help make the ride smoother. But, even after you start shooting, your plan won't necessarily safeguard you from the unscripted suprises that this industry is synonymous for.

The guide below covers:

  • The importance of a plan
  • Where to start
  • What your plan should contain
  • Building relations
  • Getting the most out of your subjects

Other guides in this series:

1. Plan | 2. Shoot 3. Edit

Cover image courtesy of BBC Academy.

How do I plan my documentary?

BBC producers and directors cover all the angles when it comes to the 'whys', 'whats' and 'hows' of planning.

Let me plan like a pro!


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