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Rescue Red is a short animation inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. Focusing on the Woodsman, the story acts as a prequel to the traditional fairytale. The piece is told through the style of a retro video game. As you would in games like Mega Man, the Woodsman learns how to defeat each enemy and obstacle through experience.

The animation is a 2D/3D clay cut out style, animated using a mixture of stop motion and traditional frame by frame techniques. The visuals are designed by illustrator Adam Foreman (artist name A4man), who has created art for numerous games. The animation was originally inspired by Adam's 'Woodsman' illustration, which was a quirky stylized take on the story that I thought would look great animated. Adam redesigned the characters and scenery from his illustration to make them better suited to the animation's theme, and worked with me on developing the story and animatic. I produced all the 3D clay elements from his designs, and created the animations.

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I have collaborated with Adam previously, making 3D sculpted versions of his quirky characters. Since starting this project we've worked together on several client commissions and in doing so made the partnership official, creating our company 'A4matic'.

Freelance musician David F Burrows composed an original score for the animation. He creates soundtracks for a range of projects but specialises in music for video games, so he was the ideal choice. David has produced a track that perfectly complements the action and is reminiscent of the late 80's and 90's films that I grew up watching, I could not be happier with the result!

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As clay and materials can get expensive the funding has allowed me to achieve my goal without compromises. Working on this project has given me the chance to develop this visual style of A4matic and has enabled me to further my existing skills with animation software and techniques. 

Thanks to Hiive, Ideastap and Creative Skillset for awarding me the funding.

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