BRIEF: DVD/AV Resource for Autism Friendly Screenings training for cinema staff

BRIEF: DVD/AV Resource for Autism Friendly Screenings training for cinema staff

The UK Cinema Association (UKCA) and Dimensions are seeking tenders for the production of a DVD/AV resource to be used to train cinema staff in autism friendly cinema screenings.

Autism friendly screenings (AFS) are designed to create a relaxed, inclusive and sensory friendly environment for people with autism, learning disabilities or cognitive disorders.


The UK Cinema Association (UKCA) is the national trade body for cinemas representing the interests of well over 90 per cent of UK cinema operators. Our membership includes single screen/owner managed sites as well as the largest circuit and multiplex operator companies.

Dimensions is a national not for profit organisation that supports people with learning disabilities and autism. This means our resources and profits go back into providing high quality support services.


The piece would form a key part of training and induction for cinema staff across the country. The available budget will depend in part on the ideas and interest from students, but will not exceed £8,000.

The UKCA would expect each treatment to be submitted with a detailed budget of all the anticipated costs, as per the above, within the limits of the proposed funding of £8,000.

The film has a clear purpose: to provide information on autism and how best to deliver AFS/sensory friendly screenings in cinemas.

The aim of the training is to build cinema staff’s confidence, understanding and ability to deliver AFS screenings in their cinema, with a broader understanding of the types of issues/concerns a customer with autism faces.


The term DVD is used in the note for ease but in reality the film can be produced on a range of differing media e.g. DVD, USB stick, DCP, shared FTP file.

The training resource should be around but 15 minutes long.


The UK Cinema Association will assess submissions.

How to apply

Click here to download the full brief and details of how to submit.

The closing date for this position is 22/06/2018.

Please contact if you have any questions.


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