Project 50/50: Film Crew

Project 50/50: Film Crew

For this year’s Eastside Summer in Film programme, we will be offering young people the chance to make a feature-length film comprised of four short films which are threaded together to explore the theme of an imbalanced world. This Film Camp entitled Project 50/50, will offer incredible opportunities to 40 young people, across four crews, aged 18 - 24, with an equal mix of gender and social/economic/under-represented backgrounds. We are looking for participants who have had some experience in creating short films, are excellent team players, and who are both creative and passionate about filmmaking.


The brief

The films will explore the idea of a world in which one “part” of society has been completely wiped out – in one film, it could be a world without men; in another, a world without emotion, in another a world without music, without social media, without spaghetti, without whatever! We want to explore these worlds created as a result of such imbalance and decide how the stories can connect.

The process

With support from professional industry mentors, four young film crews will have the unique opportunity to create a ten-minute short film which will all combine to form a 40-minute feature length film exploring the creative and imbalanced worlds that the Project 50/50 screenwriters have scripted. Participants will take part in workshops and training alongside a process of supported pre-production with our industry mentors to create these exciting original short films, which they will shoot over four days and edit over a further four days.

In each crew there will be: Director, 1st Assistant Director, two Cinematographers, two Production Designers/Art Department, Sound/music and an Editor. The application form will ask you to specify which role you are applying for - please ensure you tailor your application accordingly.

Key Dates for Film Crew:

Monday 30th July - Thursday 2nd August: Workshops, Training and Production Meetings
Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th August: Production Meetings
Monday 13th and Thursday 16th August: Production Meetings
Monday 20th - 23rd August: Four day shoot
Tues 28th - Fri 31st August: Four day edit

With the exception of shooting days which will be on location, all of the above sessions will be held at Eastside’s venue (Postcode: E2 7NX).


Applications will be assessed by Eastside.

How to apply

Applications will open Mon 4th June - Wed 10th July (6pm). To express your interest and be the first to hear about the programme please email


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