High-end TV drama refers to big budget drama productions (like Sherlock, The Crown or The Night Manager) as opposed to lower budget continuous dramas (like Eastenders) or scripted reality television (like TOWIE) or other television formats (like Crystal Maze).

HETV drama is currently enjoying an industry boom in the UK - and maintaining a skilled, effective workforce to keep the standard high, is crucial. 



Use the database below to browse the Skills Passport courses which are geared towards training for key skills in HETV drama. You are able to filter the courses as follows: 

INDUSTRY - Set this to TV to search HETV drama courses only (or leave blank if you want to browse all industries!) 

CAREER STAGE - This is the catch-all term for where you are in your career.  For instance,  within the Production department, a 'Senior' Career Stage filter would refer to the more senior roles such as Line Producer or Production Manager. If you're not sure which career stage applies to you, you can choose multiple levels or leave this filter blank and browse courses for across all levels.

SKILL -  If you filter by Skill (at least) you will be able to see all courses which address the key skill(s) you are interested in acquiring. If you also filter by Career Stage simultaneously, the database will show you only courses which are relevant to whichever Career Stage(s) and Skill(s) you have selected. 

DISTANCE - See which courses are nearest to you (and remember, if a course is far away, Creative Skillset can help you with a professional bursary. Check out their website to find out more!) 



Currently, Skills Passport can guide you towards short courses in HETV drama for Production  Grades only. If you are working in another department and want to know what short courses are out there for you, sign up to our mailing list and be the first to know when new courses are added!


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